Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wanna know a secret?

Little known fact about Star Girl. (unless you know us personally, then you probably know) But anyways, for the first six convos STAR GIRL HAD NOT READ TWILIGHT!
Yeah, I know you're shocked. She recently finished Twilight and is now dying because she can't get New Moon (as we all were). Soooo, anyways, just thought you might want to know. Lol.


PS: She does know most of the plots of the books. I have told her. (at the time she did not plan on reading the books, so it wasn't like I was spoiling or anything!) But she got sucked in. Lol. Sucked. (pun intended)


abbface said...

Wow. That is shocking. But I'm so glad she's reading them now! No one should go without Twilight (or Edward!)! And its not really spoiling to know the plots, i knew the plots too before i started reading them!

Anonymous said...

Taht is terrible how could you let her do that? Hey for all of you addicted fans go to and type in twilight edward and a bunch of really cool tshirts you can buy pop up check it out they are hysterical!


Anonymous said...

im sorry i meant for you to go to and not but either site as links to something to do with twilight