Saturday, May 31, 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IT'S HERE! THE COVER ART OF BREAKING DAWN AND AN EXCERPT OF THE FIRST CHAPTER! There's links on Stephenie Meyer's page, but I'll give em to ya here!

Cover Art:


And, yes. Both of these are legit. They were linked on Steph's website.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cullen/Flock Conversation #11

Dum-da-da-dah! Cullen/Flock 11! We have tons of great ideas so, we'll be updating more frequently! But that doesn't mean we don't want your ideas... Keep sendin'! We love to hear from you. Send, or I'll taser-
Star: *snatches taser*
Feather: NOOOOO!
Have a spoon instead.
Okay, so If you don't send, I'll, um, poke you... with a spoon. Fear it?
Here goes!

Bite me, seriously.
Bite me. Please!
I’ll bite you!!
*bites Bella’s hand and Bella grabs her hand.*

Ow! Nudge!
You wanted someone to bite you!
I wanted you to bite me!!
*jumps away screaming* No!!
*comes crashing through the roof* What’s wrong Bella? *sees hand* He bit you!! Treaty's off!!
*jumps at Edward and they roll around on the floor*
I wanna wrestle! *jumps on top of Jacob*
*walks in*
Bella and Max: Stop!
*All three guys freeze*
They started it!
*Kicks Fang off*
Edward bit Bella!
No I didn’t!
Then why was she clutching her hand like it burned?
'Cause Nudge bit me!!
I'm a Blood-suckah!
I mean... RedBull sucker! Bye!
*grabs* You almost started a war! Don't you know what could have happened?!
I'm Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures.
Still in pain over here...
Well maybe you should! I don't like having all these feelings inside me all the time. It's hard being me. I wan't the world to be a happy place full of rainbows and Pixy Stix.
Whatever Fang, suck it up. Yeah, you're life's hard. So is mine. You don't see me yelling it to the world!
What's going on? Isn't Nudge like, always happy?
Nudge is a meanie-poo.
Jasper: *snicker*
I don't wanna save the world! I'm scared!
I think I know what's happening...
I suddenly feel like giving up. I'm completely okay with Edward having Bella.
See, I told you. Special powers were given to be abused. Like me picking locks.
You're right. That was great.
*grabs Jasper and Iggy* Get over here you two.
Uh-oh. Alice in a bad mood.
ARE YOU KIDDING! FEAR THE WRATH OF MAX! The last time I pulled a prank, she put cheerios in my shampoo and handcuffed me to bathroom door.
Where'd you get a handcuff?
Same place Feather got a taser.
And we'll never tell!
Um, yeah. That's great. (Stay out of the convos Feather)
WHAT?! You never yell at Star when she gets in!
They like me better.
No, it's just that Feather will yell at you when you get in. No one yells at her.
Oh. Dang it.
So you jumped off a cliff?
Yeah. Jumped, not tripped over a root or something like that. Noooo, I never trip over anything. I jumped.
Whaterver you say, Bella
Grrr... Max is coming with me!
Come on Bella! Let's go!
I was here first!
So...what? Getting there last has never stopped me before! (See New Moon/Eclipse)
So I get to kidnap while you watch the master at work.
Master!? You're like 8 years old!
So I’m still better than you!!
How many times have you completed a successful kidnapping?
With help!! And your target was six years old! My first kidnapping was A) During school hours, B) A solo mission, and C) On a motorcycle.
So? *jumps on Jacob*
Cool! A Dog fight! Iggy you gotta come see this!!
Sorry to break it to ya Fang but I’m blind.
Bella and Max: *sigh*
Hey, Bella. Let's get out of here.

Five minutes later...
Alright! Truce. Now, let's get them.
Wait. Where'd they go?
*jumps on Ari*
*jumps on Jacob*
What? Did you think I was gonna wait around for you to kidnap me? This is me we're talking about.
And you aren't allowed to kidnap Bella, ever!
What if she wants me to?
It wouldn't be kidnapping then, Jake.
Well, I'm out of here. Have fun traring Fido here to shreds.
What? You're ditching me?!
Yep. Pretty much.
Oh, Ari. You're gonna wish for shampoo and cherios later...

And, it's done. Ugh. Wow, I forgot how long it takes to make a convo.

Credits: Ideas from Lauraena and Abbface! Thanks guys!


Monday, May 26, 2008


jeez star, when are you going to post! if we don't entertain Nudge and Alice soon, they will find my red bull stash!
sorry iggy! i've been busy, but feather and i are going to get together tommorow and get cracking on our convos.
speaking of featherwriter, where is she?
oh no....
OW feather where on earth did you get that *zap* OW tazer?
heh heh heh feel my wrath!
Hey Feather, *zap* OW what was that for?
she's gone crazy from lack of convos...
That's good right?
no, hunny that means it's time to post again.
Okay, no more tazer for you.
NOOOO I need the power!
I got it. *puts in large cage*
that's so not cool.
*rattles cage* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *starts foaming at the mouth.
you had better post a new convo FAST!
I'm on it!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jacob's Lullaby

Aren't you all so lucky. Two posts in one day. Don't get used to it. I'm usually lazy. But anyways, I'm having a sleepover with Jacob Fan and Simer (from the deviantart drawings) and Simer played a song called Little Sparrow as sung by David Cook (the original is by Dolly Parton), and I realized it sounds like a song that Jacob would write for Bella (not that he'd sing it to her, though). So despite my die-hard Edwella-ness, I had to post it.
Here's the music:

My explanations are in this color

Little sparrow, little sparrow
Precious fragile little thing (Bella is fragile to Jacob)
Little sparrow, little sparrow
Flies so high and feels no pain (Like Bella after Edward left, trying to feel no pain)

All ye maidens heed my warning
Never trust the handsome men (Edward or just vampires in general)
They will crush you like a sparrow (He's still afraid that Edward will kill her)
Leaving you to never mend (She wouldn't heal after he left)
They will vow to always love you (which Edward did)
Swear no love but yours will do (ditto)
Then they'll leave you for another (Jacob still doesn't trust Edward not to leave)
Break your little heart in two

Little sparrow, little sparrow
Precious fragile little thing
Little sparrow, little sparrow
Flies so high and feels no pain

If I were a little sparrow (If he were completely human like her)
O'er these mountains I would fly
I would find you, I would find you
Look into your lying eyes. (He would be pretty mad if she left him)
I would flutter all around you
On my little sparrow wings
I would ask you, I would ask you
Why you let me love in vain. (He feels betrayed because she can't love him back)

(Talking to Edward)
I am not a little sparrow (He's not just human, so Edward shouldn't underestimate him)
I am just the broken dream (He took Jacob's love away)
Of a cold, false-hearted lover (Self Explanitory)
And your evil, cunning scheme (Ditto)


All ye maidens fair and tender
Never trust the handsome men
They will crush you like a sparrow
Leaving you to never mend

Little sparrow, little sparrow
Oh the sorrow never ends (He would say this as he was running away at the end of Eclipse)

And despite my better judgement, I'm now giving the keyboard to Jacob Fan.

Hiiiiii!!! This is Jacob Fan and I'm sort of high but I'm always like this. I think that Featherwriter is being a little harsh when she says 'against my better judgement'. Now, Edward Fans, don't kill me for loving Jacob more than Edward. If you really thought about, you'd realize that he's better than Edward too. I'm into a converting mood because Simer has been converted into a non-Jacob-hater. So if you secretly like Jacob better but won't say so because you're afraid of Edward fans killing you, speak up for yourself. It's okay if your best friends want to kill you, I get death threats daily, even hourly! And Featherwriter ma seem really innocent but she is really really mean and is very cruel. And she might edit this part so if you're reading this right now you will know that a miracle has occured. And now to Featherwriter with her evil editing powers.

My better judgement is saying "I told you so".
Star: You tasered me.
Shhhhh! No I didn't!
Yes you did.
*tasers star* I don't taser people.

And now to a hostile takeover by Simer, who I will not taser because she has her own. Oh, yes, here is a link to Simer using her stupid *tased* OW! I mean completely awesome (not) *tased* STOP IT! Fine! Her taser.
Ha! A taste of your own medicine.
I'm gonna shove you in a closet, Star. Anyways, link:

HELLO! You gave me the computer willingly, whatever...
So this is Simer (No I did not pick my name, it was forced and I not going for Jacob, I just hate him less) Oh so I take full resonposibility for this epiphany because I was educating Jacob Fan and FeatherWriter on country songs and other songs that they never heard like David Cook (Go David Cook for winning American Idol, sorry "other David" fans he was good too) So I forced them to listen to every song on iPod and hence JACOB's LULLABY. (Oh by the way FeatherWriter just listened to the Little Sparrow song for the 100th time!)

Hostile re-takeover by FeatherWriter! Ack! No more guest bloggers! If you look at Simer's passage, you will see only ONE PERIOD! ADD much.
And I have only listened to it like 26 times. the past 5 minutes.
Yeah, I'm addicted. But Jacob still sucks.

This has got to be the longest post EVER! Longer than the convos! Post ends now!

~And Jacob Fan

~ And Simer

I'm not.


hook us up on myspace!!!
yes we got one...

anywho...go to

you know you love me xoxo
stargirl <3

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

heyy guys, sorry i haven't been on in a while, i'm not a super brainiac, like feather, so i have to actually study for my finials! Ugh life is hard, lol.

we love the emails!
ya'll have the best ideas!

anywho...i have a HUGE science project due tommorow, and i'll die if i don't get it done, sooooo...

peace outt!
stargirl :))

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super Random Update! (you were warned...)

Oh, wow. I needed an update. Lots to say today. Here we go.

Number 1: Page 6 of the meeting is up
This is the last one. :( But I might do more :)

Number 2: My friends are insane. You know those drawings I did of Star and I? Well my other friends wanted some too. They're on my deviantart page if you want to check them out. I didn't make up most of the names, they did. Like I said, they're nuts.

Number 3: This is a cool thing that my ILA (that means Integrated Language Arts at our school, pretty much English) teacher found on She passed a sheet out to everyone in my class, even though I'm the only one whose read Twilight. (don't tell me to try to convert people, it's a class of nine and I'm one of two girls) She is the most amazing teacher ever! She is also obsessed, (she showed the trailer like five times in class) Here it is:

Tips to help guys reading “Twilight” keep their manliness:
1. Drink a protein shake and do curls while reading.
2. Read the book in your 1967 Ford Mustang.
3. Have American Gladiators on in the background for when the pizza guy gets there.
4. Every time Edward tells Bella how great she smells, break a board with your fist.
5. Not taking shower breaks will work to your manly advantage.
6. Don’t write an article publicly claiming how much you enjoyed the book.
7. If the emotions well up, call Chuck Norris and insult his mother.
8. Attempt to eat a 36 oz. steak before finishing chapter four.
9. Read it while participating in a rodeo.
10. Test your manliness by growing a beard by chapter thirteen.

XD XD XD XD XD I was rolling on the floor laughing and none of the rest of the class got it. Oh, well. The two of us can be obsessed together.


EDIT: Number 4: Eeek! Just saw the hit count as I posted. 2000? O.o That's nuts. I have fannnnsssss... *faints*

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mothers day hearts

Tell your mommy you love her, unless you are in the flock, then HAPPY MAX'S DAY!
yay for Max and Esme! :))))

catch ya later,

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cullen/Flock Converation #10

It's finally done. Yes, I realize it's like five days late. I'm sorry. I will be better from now on. (hopefully)

Oh, yeah. Emmett is this color. (I might change the top thing if I feel like it)

So, you’ve got a movie coming out soon?
So, it’s coming out in like, three weeks right?
No, what made you think that?
Well, they’ve got a trailer and a poster already…
It’s not coming out until December.
So why is all that stuff out?!
What? That doesn’t make any sense Alice.
Sure it does. Book turned movie + Rabid Fans + death threats to directors = Lots of updates to keep them calm.
How come you guys get a movie before us?
Because we’re better.
Whatever! There is no flying or erasers in your movie!
There’s werewolves.
and really high jumping.
*taps Fang on the shoulder* You should pay more attention, Fang.
Ah! Why do you keep doing that!?
(blank stare)
You guys have no taste. *storms out*
Star girl: I LOVE THAT SHOWWW! Nudge is soo right, you have no taste!
OMG I KNOW...I can't believe Asher is gay!

I can, he seemed like it.
Nate is sooo hot!

FeatherWriter: *starts twitching* STOP BEFORE I KILL YOU BOTH! And Star, you aren't allowed ot talk to the characters.
I'm with ya Feather.

How does she think so fast? It’s insane!
So, Nudge likes gossip girl.
She’s been a “full blown fan” for about, I don’t know, 4 days!
I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s addicted to Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow.
I love Grey’s Anatomy!
Since when?
Carlisle got me hooked. It’s good.
Look at us “fictional” characters talking about TV.
Yeah, it makes me wonder how many other books are based on truth.
Do you think Harry Potter…?
Everyone: No.
There’s no way he exists.

Sorry, kinda short but WE NEED IDEAS! Sooo email us, please!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


That's the sound of my head hitting the keyboard as I fall asleep. I have been up since 3 AM and I am having some major issues funcioning in normal society. I'm glad I got through my algebra test without writing Edward Cullen all over the page.
Why was I up at three? I was at the mall. At three. Before any stores were open. Because I was waiting in line for The Host, and (da-da-da-duh) A TICKET TO SEE STEPHENIE MEYER!
Okay, so the coffee hasn't worn off yet.
It was fun. We were hyper and I saw some friends. And if any of you touch my ticket, I will cheerfully decapitate you. NO TOUCHY!

And I will end on that cheerful note.

PS. Put the vegetables away! I'll get the convo up soon!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ahh, Peanut Butter...

Wow. Lots of updates lately. (but no convos yet) Anyways, I was sitting here eating a peanut-butter sandwich, (not PB&J cuz Jelly is nasty!) when I saw something that I absolutely have to share...


And then I decided to share the pics I drew and photoshopped of Me and Star.
Star Girl 2
Enjoy! I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm gonna get tickets to see Stephenie Meyer, and The Host! Can't wait!


PS. Can you believe that they're making a Max Ride manga?? If you haven't heard about it, check out Fang's Blog.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Meeting (again)

Page 5 coming at'cha!
This is the second to last one! I can't wait to finish the ending!


PS. I wish I'd waited then I could have posted this with the other one.


Okay, first off, I think that the name Twi-Hards should have won the "Official Name for the Twilight Fanbase" poll. If you didn't see the article on MTV News, we're apparently now called "Twilighters". Bore-ing.

Found a new site that is hilarious! You have to check this out.

And yes, Kaleb. He does.

I will get a convo up by Tuesday, if it kills me! Ooooh, I might regret this later...