Tuesday, April 1, 2008


star girl here,
i am super bored, and can't sleep, so i decided that i would do a little contest to get us some more here are the rules:

1. tell your friends to check us out.
2. tell them to comment this post with your name.
3. the person with the most comments with their name on it will get their name mentioned in one of our little thingys, by a character of their choice.

sooo, call up your friends!!


Star Girl said...

oh, and your friends need to use their names too. i will try to add some of their names too! soo start commenting!

and BTW i am totally trusting you guys with this one.

FeatherWriter said...

That is absolute brilliance Star Girl. I wish I had thought of it first.

RaeOfShadows said...

Featherwriter introduced me to this site--and must I say, this is hilarious!

abbface said...

yay! i love contests!im going to tell my friends!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey just to let you know i think that this site is awesome and hilarious keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Sup. Im XXXhrcXXX. My friend Fallen Angel aka Tara told me to say her name is Tara. nEVER read Twilight but I love Maximum Ride. Tara luvs Iggy most. i love fang. [so hot]
-Hannah aka

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Anonymous said...

abbface told me about this!and thank you for making it b/c its amazing!