Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life Lessons and Standardized Tests

Yeah. TAKS Test today. I hate math. I did learn a valuable lesson that I will remember forever though:

Red Rover sucks if you're no good at it.

We went to our last period today (because everyone finished) and the teacher took us outside. Seeing as there are like 18 people in that class and only 4 of them are girls, they boys started a game of Red Rover. Us girls decided to play (except one :P) and after a little bit the other team called me over. Despite the fact that I can bench 35 lbs. max, I somehow decided that I could break through these guys' arms. Yeah, stupid, I know. So I hit them full force. They don't break. My legs keep going. I fall HARD and slide about two feet.
So yes. Today was interesting. But I will have the new convos up today. I promise.

PS: The trick to the Quiz (if you haven't figured it out) is that the answers are names flipped around. Drawde=Edward, Bocaj=Jacob, Gnaf= Fang. Lol.


Star Girl said...

Lord help this poor little nerd.

listening to "myspace girl" because SOMEBODY *ahem* got it stuck in my head.

you can only bench 35? haha.
which boys? and what the heck is "red rover"??

FeatherWriter said...

You don't know what Red Rover is? (and shut up about how much I can bench)

Red Rover's the game where everyone on a team holds hands and the people on the other team try to break through.

Loves2Read104319 said...

Star girl... red rover is the game where you stand in two lines and hold hands. (Which is a great thing, if its a cute boy) anywhy, one team say "Red Rover Red Rover, let "person from oppisate come over" That person than runs and tries to break the the people arms.
*Hint- To be samrt stand at the end with a reallt strong person next to you*

Anyway Ya Featherwriter that was fun, I have dicded that no matter what game we end up playing, IT WILL AWLAYS BE VILOENT!!

abbface said...

ooh yea... i hate red rover!