Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cullen/Flock Conversation #7

Okay, it's finally done. Enjoy!

So Fang, I've been reading your story. I'm pretty sure that Chapter 19 in the third book is my favorite chapter so far...
Which one is... Aww-
Don't say it.
I was gonna say crap.
No you weren't.
How would you know? Oh yeah. Nevermind.
: )
So, which one's chapter 19?
*reads* "He shifted on the hard ground a half dozen flashes of memory cycling through his brain. Max looking at him and laughing. Max leaping off a cliff, snapping out her wings, flying off, so incredibly powerful and graceful that it took his breath away."
Yeah, I let him narrate like one chapter, and he puts that in.
I never said that! It was all that Patterson guy!
Hey, 'sup my homies?
Alice and Edward: AHHH!
Oh jeez. Don't ever talk like that again, Total.
I knew he thought like a human, but I didn't know he talked!
Shoulda' seen that one coming.
Oh, great. The dog's back again. I thought we...
*walks in*
gave him... uh, cookies?
Yeah, dog cookies.
You might not want to think that with Angel around.
Think what?
Why are you thinking "We are totally not hiding anything"?
No reason, Angel. We're just not hiding anything. That's all.
Yeah right. Be lucky I'm not the kind of dog who holds grudges. Hi Angel!
Wow, did that dog just talk? Don't see that much.
Yeah we never see talking dogs, dog.
How do you keep getting into our house?
He's sneaking in to see Bella.
I wish it was your power that didn't work on me instead of hers.
I don't.
Shut up before I wipe that smile off your face!
I'd love to see you try. But what would Sam think?
Shut up.
You two are funnier than Max in the morning.
Beautiful, I mean. More beautiful.
That made a whole lot of sense.
Oooh. Fang's gonna get his butt kicked.
Oooh. Total's gonna be eating out of a dog dish tonight.
What's up Flock? Ready to get your butts kicked again?
HAHAHAHA! Again? That butt-ugly werewolf beat you up? That's the funniest thing I ever heard!
I'm not a werewolf! Why does everyone call me that here?
Hey, pup. How about we go into the backyard and I'll show you a real wolf. Haha.
He still hasn't figured it out? Wow he is slow.
*as Ari*: I'm just a dumb Eraser. They made my brain reaaaalllly small so I wouldn't have to carry it around while I run. I'm sooo glad I don't have that problem. It would be so heavy...
Hey! Stop that!
Need me to take him out?
No way, I haven't had a decent fight in weeks!
Ari's our turf! We beat him up!
I'm right here you know!
*whispers* Wanna help me take him down?
Can I help, Max?
And me too! I love beating up Erasers. It's so much fun to hurt them. Especially Ari. Cuz he's been so mean and he almost killed Fang.
I liked that part of the books too. You know, what happened after...
Does that girl ever shut up?
No. Be quiet Edward. I wasn't even concious.
Yes you were.
So, about this fight...
I'd offer to help, but I'd just get in the way.
I can fight for you Bella.
No you can't. This is a girls only fight.
I'm not getting beat up by a bunch of girls.
Oh, yes you are!
Actually he is...
Well, can I fight on his side? Fighting vampires is a lot more fun than fake werewolves.
I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me.
Awesome. Now we can finally see who'd win.
I don't need help! I can fight the flock on my own!
Alice! Don't let them do this.
I don't think they're going to hurt each other. It'll just be like sparring or something.
No maiming you guys.
Can I fight too?
That's it. I'm outta here. You guys are nuts.
Oh no you don't! We've got some business to attend to.
No way! I'd rather die!
That can be arranged...
Fine. If you won't let me go...*shoves a cookie in Max's mouth and sticks a patch on Nudge's arm*
IT'S LIKE THE GREATEST COOKIE EVER!! It's so warm and soft, and there's just enough chocolate chips. And-
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I feel like I could fly to the moon!! I think I will!
Caffiene patch and a genetically inhanced cookie. The whitecoats don't just mess with humans anymore.
WHEN WILL IT WEAR OFF?! And since when do cookies have genes?
Eh, a few days. Bye now! *breaks free and flies off*
Dang it Ari!
Tough luck.
So is the fight off then?
I'll take that as a yes.
Who gave Max cookies?
And I missed it?! Dang it. Next time make sure he stays...
Now that is an evil grin...


Lol. Hope you liked it!


CheeseHead said...

Hehe. This one is my favorite so far!

I feel your pain Ari. God made me a small brain and man is it hard to carry.
You guys are stuper funny!

PS Does anyone else have the strong urge to eat a genetically enhanced cookie while wearing a caffine patch?? *eyes the patch*

Xingu said...

That Awesome

Star Girl said...

oh jeez. i love that one :))
yep, still laughing.
and now i'm hungry.

and for those of you who are, i don't have ADD, but i do have ARRFDTIHNHO [A Really Random Freaky Disorder That I Have Never Heard Of]

Xingu said...

is it nessesary to have you moniter the posts?

Anonymous said...

love it!!!!!!!!!!!

FeatherWriter said...

ARRFDTIHNHO, huh? Yeah that works for me. You need therapy Star.

RaeOfShadows said...

ROFL LMHO LOLZ! As I said before!

FeatherWriter said...

Yeah, it is Xingu. Sorry. It also helps me keep track of when people comment. I might not notice when someone comments if I don't aprove it first. Again sorry.

PS: I will not block any comments as long as they don't contain
1)Real Names
3)E-Mail Adresses

Darien aKa who cares? oh yea u dnt! said...

OMG my mom is now scared of me cuz im laughin at my computer screen LoL
but these blogs are hilarious
this is my fave can they fight nxt tym or ari figure it out n get scared LoL

Xingu said...

oh, ok...

Anonymous said...

Hey very funny, i can see Nudge on a patch wow she must be talking as fast as Alice when she is excited! I feel sorry for the vampires being able to understand her gibberish.


abbface said...

That was really good!

Neko_Kairi said...

Dude!! You guys should totally make one where Edward, Jacob and Fang are talking about how Fang has only gotten to 1st base!!!

Just a thought. ^_^ LOL

Thanks for these, btw!! They're awesome!!