Saturday, April 12, 2008

Check it out!

I wrote a story about the Cullens and the Flock meeting for the first time. You can find it at
This is a work in progress and is not finished yet, but it will be soon. And please realize that this is more serious than the convos, and is not quite as funny. I still hope you enjoy it, though.


EDIT NOTE: The second part is up, you can find it here:


RaeOfShadows said...

I like it. I can't wait to read more!
I have a DA too.

CheeseHead said...

I just finished the whole Twilight seris like a day ago

FeatherWriter said...

I will get the second one up soon.

RaeOfShadows said...

O. M. G.

Neko_Kairi said...

IT'S GOOD!! I like it!! ^_^


Star Girl said...

dude, that is seroiusly AMAZING!
the Max one is more "MAX-ISH" that the fourth book!

but that doesn't say much.
oh well.

Anonymous said...

I totally love it! Star Girl is right. Max is so Max-ish. You portray the characters perfectly. Can't wait to read the fourth part. KEEP IT UP!!! :)
~A Silenced Angel~

PS If jacob and Max get in a fight- make max when. I hate Jacob. No offense to people whodo like him though.

abbface said...

OH MY WORD that was amazing!! I like it better than MR4. Max seems so much more Max-y.