Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vay-Cay! (Updates)

I'm back from NYC, finally. I was gone for a week and a half. It's good to be back. I don't think one of my cats has come out from under the couch since we left. Ah, oh well.

I don't know if you enjoyed the two song explanations, but I'm planning to do ones for Bella, Fang, and Edward if you want me to. I'll put up a new poll.

And results for the old one are in. You all have tied between the current one and the boxes. I might switch back, or I might find a new one.

Seeing as it summer vacation, Star and I will get together soon to make Convo #14. Keep sending those E-Mails. We love your ideas! And as Star said, we respond to all messages personally. None of that "Thank you for sending us an email, we'll get back to you soon" stuff. I would never do that, (I probably couldn't figure out how anyways.)


P.S. Just in case you've forgotten, our e-mail is


New York's Bella said...

You went to NYC?? I live here! Sorry, guess I should have started with Hi!! Did you have fun?? Also, thanks for posting Fireflight. I checked out the song, and I loved it. I have a blog too! Only two posts so far though. It's, chec it out some time if you want!! BTW, I am talking all hypery, which is a language that I like to call Nudgeish.Anyway, I love Cullenflock, you guys rock, you know, the stuff you probably get all the time,except that I am anything but normal. Bye people.
New York's Bella.

Star Girl said...


i am sooo glad you are home...
i had no one to hang out with!