Thursday, June 19, 2008

Max's Song

Well, since Star seems to be updating, I guess I'll have to do it, too. So here I am at this tiny Wi-Fi spot in the mountains on a laptop trying to bring you all what you want. Well, maybe not, since this isn't what you were excpecting, but I hope you like it anyway. Now that I'm done ranting...
This is the same format as Jacob's Lullaby (see archives). It was so fun to find a song that fit the characters that I decided to do it again. The only difference is that, now that I have the new key up, I'm just going to use my character color for the explanations.
Max's song is Unbreakable by Fireflight.
Here's the music: (I wouldn't reccomend watching it, there's nothing there except cover art. I'd open it in another window, so you can read and listen at the same time.)

Lyrics: (And explanations)
Where are the people that accuse me? (The whitecoats often treat her like a criminal)
The ones who beat me down and bruised me. (Whitecoats again)
They hide just out of sight, (They send Erasers instead of going)
Can't face me in the light (They only deal with her when she's trapped)
They'll return but I'll be stronger. (Typical Max threat)

God, I want to dream again (Her dreams are often significant)
Take me where I've never been (She goes new places all the time)
I want to go there
This time I'm not scared (She's trying to be fearless)
Now I am unbreakable, (Ditto)
it's unmistakable
No one can touch me (Max being Max)
Nothing can stop me (Another threat)

Sometimes it's hard to just keep going (Um, yeah. Look at her life!)
But faith is moving without knowing.
Can I trust what I can't see, (The Voice)
To reach my destiny (Saving the world)
I want to take control but I know better (She always wants to be the leader, but she has to depend on The Flock)


Forget the fear it's just a crutch
That tries to hold you back
And turn your dreams to dust (She always has to push through the pain to do what has to be done)
All you need to do is just trust (Everytime she jumps off a cliff she trusts in her wings to catch her)


I love this song. And Fireflight. Convos soon (I hope!).



*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...

holy crap. I LOVE THAT SONG! u guys are geniuses. i dont know how u do it.