Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Lots of new stuff tonight.

1) Our new key. I updated it. It now has everyone that has appeared in a convo, and Esme. It even has Star and I
2) If you saw the "It's just a Trailer..." on my DeviantArt page, the second one's up. Here's the link:
3) I did a little bit of Host fanart with the Cullens and The Flock. Don't worry if you haven't read the book, it has no spoilers. Everything in it can be found in the synopsis and front cover. Here's that link:

That's it for tonight! I feel so accomplished.



*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...

ugh. i have no idea why but i didnt like the host all that much. i loved it all the way until the very like last four chapters and then i thought it all went down hill. i loved jared and mel and so i was sad that i couldnt hear about them anymore. well i guess it was okay. lol sorry i just like totally just drained my feelings about the host all over you! sorry! but that fan art about it just cracked me up!

Abbface said...

Yay updates!

yall should go to my blog because yay! i have one now!
and yes i know theres not really much on it.

Abbface said...

so hey...its abbface and i was wondering how did you get the little counter thing that tells how many ppl come here?I have a blog now and I kinda want a counter! Yea that would be insanely helpful!

Oh and jadore Convo 12!

rosestar14 said...

lol.kool pic

CheeseHead said...

Umm is that really abbface's blog or is it some imposter because it sounds nothing like what she usually posts!