Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super Random Update! (you were warned...)

Oh, wow. I needed an update. Lots to say today. Here we go.

Number 1: Page 6 of the meeting is up
This is the last one. :( But I might do more :)

Number 2: My friends are insane. You know those drawings I did of Star and I? Well my other friends wanted some too. They're on my deviantart page if you want to check them out. I didn't make up most of the names, they did. Like I said, they're nuts.

Number 3: This is a cool thing that my ILA (that means Integrated Language Arts at our school, pretty much English) teacher found on She passed a sheet out to everyone in my class, even though I'm the only one whose read Twilight. (don't tell me to try to convert people, it's a class of nine and I'm one of two girls) She is the most amazing teacher ever! She is also obsessed, (she showed the trailer like five times in class) Here it is:

Tips to help guys reading “Twilight” keep their manliness:
1. Drink a protein shake and do curls while reading.
2. Read the book in your 1967 Ford Mustang.
3. Have American Gladiators on in the background for when the pizza guy gets there.
4. Every time Edward tells Bella how great she smells, break a board with your fist.
5. Not taking shower breaks will work to your manly advantage.
6. Don’t write an article publicly claiming how much you enjoyed the book.
7. If the emotions well up, call Chuck Norris and insult his mother.
8. Attempt to eat a 36 oz. steak before finishing chapter four.
9. Read it while participating in a rodeo.
10. Test your manliness by growing a beard by chapter thirteen.

XD XD XD XD XD I was rolling on the floor laughing and none of the rest of the class got it. Oh, well. The two of us can be obsessed together.


EDIT: Number 4: Eeek! Just saw the hit count as I posted. 2000? O.o That's nuts. I have fannnnsssss... *faints*


abbface said...

hehe that was funny!!! your teacher sounds awesome. oh and ps can you post the email again b/c i have an idea(!) but i forgot the email!

FeatherWriter said...

My teacher is amazing abbface. And the email is But if you forget it again, it's always in the archives.

abbface said...


Neko_Kairi said...

LOL Dude, your teacher freaking ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Cullen Flocker said...

hey i have a question! i was wondering-- you know how edward cant read bellas mind?? what about angel? can she read bellas mind?? that would be so COOL!

Rob said...

I wish...I wish I had a teacher like that!
Yes, you do have fans!!!

Alicia said...

Haha that's sweet! I wish my teachers were like that. They're still pretty cool though. Hey! You need to write another Cullen/Flock conversation!!

Oh, and if you ever have nothing to write about you could write about what you think of the people who are in the Twilight movie!

abbface said...

hey when is convo 11 coming?

Robert Varulfur said...

LoL thank you for the list. Lord knows I might want to follow them. I'm the only guy in my school who has read all of the Twilight Books. ((of course because of it I'm "friends" with like every girl in the school as well. Who says being a bookworm doesnt have its advantages?