Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cullen/Flock Conversation #11

Dum-da-da-dah! Cullen/Flock 11! We have tons of great ideas so, we'll be updating more frequently! But that doesn't mean we don't want your ideas... Keep sendin'! We love to hear from you. Send, or I'll taser-
Star: *snatches taser*
Feather: NOOOOO!
Have a spoon instead.
Okay, so If you don't send, I'll, um, poke you... with a spoon. Fear it?
Here goes!

Bite me, seriously.
Bite me. Please!
I’ll bite you!!
*bites Bella’s hand and Bella grabs her hand.*

Ow! Nudge!
You wanted someone to bite you!
I wanted you to bite me!!
*jumps away screaming* No!!
*comes crashing through the roof* What’s wrong Bella? *sees hand* He bit you!! Treaty's off!!
*jumps at Edward and they roll around on the floor*
I wanna wrestle! *jumps on top of Jacob*
*walks in*
Bella and Max: Stop!
*All three guys freeze*
They started it!
*Kicks Fang off*
Edward bit Bella!
No I didn’t!
Then why was she clutching her hand like it burned?
'Cause Nudge bit me!!
I'm a Blood-suckah!
I mean... RedBull sucker! Bye!
*grabs* You almost started a war! Don't you know what could have happened?!
I'm Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures.
Still in pain over here...
Well maybe you should! I don't like having all these feelings inside me all the time. It's hard being me. I wan't the world to be a happy place full of rainbows and Pixy Stix.
Whatever Fang, suck it up. Yeah, you're life's hard. So is mine. You don't see me yelling it to the world!
What's going on? Isn't Nudge like, always happy?
Nudge is a meanie-poo.
Jasper: *snicker*
I don't wanna save the world! I'm scared!
I think I know what's happening...
I suddenly feel like giving up. I'm completely okay with Edward having Bella.
See, I told you. Special powers were given to be abused. Like me picking locks.
You're right. That was great.
*grabs Jasper and Iggy* Get over here you two.
Uh-oh. Alice in a bad mood.
ARE YOU KIDDING! FEAR THE WRATH OF MAX! The last time I pulled a prank, she put cheerios in my shampoo and handcuffed me to bathroom door.
Where'd you get a handcuff?
Same place Feather got a taser.
And we'll never tell!
Um, yeah. That's great. (Stay out of the convos Feather)
WHAT?! You never yell at Star when she gets in!
They like me better.
No, it's just that Feather will yell at you when you get in. No one yells at her.
Oh. Dang it.
So you jumped off a cliff?
Yeah. Jumped, not tripped over a root or something like that. Noooo, I never trip over anything. I jumped.
Whaterver you say, Bella
Grrr... Max is coming with me!
Come on Bella! Let's go!
I was here first!
So...what? Getting there last has never stopped me before! (See New Moon/Eclipse)
So I get to kidnap while you watch the master at work.
Master!? You're like 8 years old!
So I’m still better than you!!
How many times have you completed a successful kidnapping?
With help!! And your target was six years old! My first kidnapping was A) During school hours, B) A solo mission, and C) On a motorcycle.
So? *jumps on Jacob*
Cool! A Dog fight! Iggy you gotta come see this!!
Sorry to break it to ya Fang but I’m blind.
Bella and Max: *sigh*
Hey, Bella. Let's get out of here.

Five minutes later...
Alright! Truce. Now, let's get them.
Wait. Where'd they go?
*jumps on Ari*
*jumps on Jacob*
What? Did you think I was gonna wait around for you to kidnap me? This is me we're talking about.
And you aren't allowed to kidnap Bella, ever!
What if she wants me to?
It wouldn't be kidnapping then, Jake.
Well, I'm out of here. Have fun traring Fido here to shreds.
What? You're ditching me?!
Yep. Pretty much.
Oh, Ari. You're gonna wish for shampoo and cherios later...

And, it's done. Ugh. Wow, I forgot how long it takes to make a convo.

Credits: Ideas from Lauraena and Abbface! Thanks guys!



lauraena said...

Yeah. I wrote quite a bit of that one!! I was bored!! Oh well... I'm tired!! Write more!! I can't wait a whole week!! Feather, you want that Twilight layout? I am making a Maximum Ride one and then a Twilight book covers one then a Maximum Ride book cover collage and then a mix of Maximum Ride and Twilight. I have extra time on my hands. And a really bad sunburn so no swimming anytime soon.

Lauraena grabs spare taser from junk closet. Here Feather!! This one connects around your wrist so no one can take it!! And it has extra electricity stored in it!! Hope that satisfies your need for tasering but only if you don't taser me anytime soon. At least until the sunburn is gone. It hurts to move!! Feather, Tavian decided to put Peyton in a headlock. Is that normal cause I think T deserves a godd tasering session.

abbface said...

YAY!!! aww thanks for using my idea!

Neko_Kairi said...


Alicia said...

Hahaha! That was awesome! Yay more convos soon! I can't wait!

FeatherWriter said...

*grabs taser* Thanks Laura! Hah! I'm back! Now I can taser Simer, cuz this one's just like hers!

Cullen Flocker said...

hahahahaha that was great guys!!! get more convos soon!! oh and lauraena/abbface, great ideas lol keep it coming!

CheeseHead said...

woooooow! That was random but it was really good. Great idea Lauraena!!!! but WHY DID YOU GIVE FEATHER A TASER?!?! Now excuse me I have a date with some cheerios and Jacob Black's Shampoo

*evil I-love-Edward laugh* MWHAHAHAHA!!!!

abbface said...

I just saw Narnia.
sorry. had to share.

FeatherWriter said...

Nooooo! I want to see Caspian sooo bad. My mom and sister went to see it w/o me.

And Caspian is very ultra hot.

abbface said...

yea me and my friends saw it right after school and the theater was like empty! which was good b/c we couldn't stop screaming about Caspian's hotness!

CheeseHead said...

EWwwww you guys have some issues. Caspian is like a bag o' gym undesirables compared to Reepacheep (the mouse) He is sooo cute1!!