Monday, May 26, 2008


jeez star, when are you going to post! if we don't entertain Nudge and Alice soon, they will find my red bull stash!
sorry iggy! i've been busy, but feather and i are going to get together tommorow and get cracking on our convos.
speaking of featherwriter, where is she?
oh no....
OW feather where on earth did you get that *zap* OW tazer?
heh heh heh feel my wrath!
Hey Feather, *zap* OW what was that for?
she's gone crazy from lack of convos...
That's good right?
no, hunny that means it's time to post again.
Okay, no more tazer for you.
NOOOO I need the power!
I got it. *puts in large cage*
that's so not cool.
*rattles cage* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *starts foaming at the mouth.
you had better post a new convo FAST!
I'm on it!


FeatherWriter said...

I don't have a taser problem!
Okay. Maybe I do...

lauraena said...

Yes, you have a taser problem. Check out the blogs I made. One is a layout only and the other is well... Don't read it.

Alicia said...

Hahaha! Wow your scaring me Feather!!! I would probably have a problem if I had a taser too. But I don't.


Yay more convos!!! I need them! Badly!

CheeseHead said...

ummm Feather, is it time for a visit to the puffy room with the hug-yourself-jacket???

lauraena said...

I will vouch for Feather that she does not have a working taser. Her taser is in the shop cause it fried after she tried to taser Stargirl while swimming. I wrote 2 convos and sent them in cause I was bored at school and wrote them. Geet the new convos up!! Now!! I want to read them!!