Monday, July 14, 2008


Wow. Let me blow the dust off this blog. I really haven't updated since the second? Wow. Again. Okay, so since youth camp things have been a bit busy. Star is in Germany which means that I'm going to have to write a new convo all by myself. Also, is having issues, and for some reason I can't get on. Great. So in the end, for the next update I might just cop-out and do Fang's song, but I hate to do two songs in a row. That's so lame. Anyways, I'll hopefully see you soon with a convo, but if not, please know that I am soooooooo sorry.



New Yorks Silver Rose said...

Hey Feather, its Silver Rose, huge fan! K, look go to my blog and I have some ideas for songs heres the URl:, please look!!!!!!

Twizzlers and Pepsi,

New Yorks Silver Rose

Alicia said...


I was getting rather worried.

It says this post was written on the 14th. But I check everyday and I found it today: the 22nd. Now what's up with that?!

Boy do I know a lot of songs for Fang. But I want to see what you pick. :D

Although I would like a convo. A lot! YAY! CONVO!


I'm a little excited, can you tell?

MaximumCullen said...

Hey Feather, can't wait for more cullen flock conversations. Talk to you soon.