Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Edward's Song

Okay, seeing the success of the poll and the major lack of updates lately, I'm gonna post Edward's song. I think some people were wondering why I put a poll up though. It wasn't because I have extremely low self esteem or anything like that, its just that the other songs didn't seem to get many comments, but it seems that you guys do want to see them. Here we go.

Edward's song is I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt
Ow! What was that for?!
That is not the song you chose!
But this ones better...
No it isn't! Use the original before I accidentally throw your taser off a cliff!
No! Not Tasey!
Oh be quiet.
Fine. Since Star seems to be opposed to the new one, I'll use the original song. Edward's song is Time after Time as performed by Quietdrive. Now I know this is an old song, but I like this version the best, and that kinda works because Edward's been around for a while. (Happy really late 107th B-Day Edward! It was June 20th for those of you who didn't know) And it was JacobFan who introduced me to it, so this is kinda like revenge. Heh heh.

Here's the link: Once again, just coverart.

Lyrics: (and explanations)

Lying in my bed (Because he can't sleep)
I hear the clock tick
And think of you (Aww)
Caught up in circles (He lives the same life over and over)
Confusion is nothing new (With all the thoughts he can hear)
You say go slow (He's faster than her)
I fall behind (All her human things are hard to keep up with)
The second hand unwinds (He loses track of time with her)

Chorus (The whole chorus is self explanitory)
If you’re lost you can look
And you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you
I’ll be waiting
Time after time
Time after time
Time after time

Sometimes you picture me (In her head, he could tell even with out reading her thoughts)
I’m walking too far ahead (Again, he's faster)
You’re calling to me
I can’t hear just what you’ve said (Okay, so he's really far ahead)
You say go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds


After my picture fades (Lots of time has past)
And darkness has turned to grey (AKA Twilight!)
Watching through windows
You’re wondering if I’m okay (She always worrys about him when he's not with her)
And you say go slow
I fall behind
The drum beats out of time


JacobFan is going to be mad when she realizes that she gave me the perfect Edward song. Haha. She can deal. I'll get a convo up soon (maybe). Star is sick so we haven't been able to do much.

Yay, for 4000 hits! I'm not gonna do anything this time, so that I can do something big next time. Yeah, lame excuse. But I'm using it.

Keep sending those e-mails. We love your ideas!!

And last, Star and I will be at Youth Camp from Tuesday to Saturday of next week. As such, there will be no updates during that time. Sorry!

EDIT: For all of you who seem to like the terrible doodling that I call art, there's a new comic up on my DeviantArt page. Here's the link:



RaeOfShadows said...

This song is going on my ipod, just like Unbreakable.
Thanks for the songs! I really do love them. And I hope Star feels better!

Anonymous said...

hey are you guys going to the youth camp called falls creek? if you are please tell me i will be there as well mabey we can meet i am a huge fan of your website! keep it up


FeatherWriter said...

Nope, sorry Hope. We're going to this Wesleyan youth camp with our church. What's Wesleyan? It's this teeny tiny denomination of christianity. It's pretty much presbyterian, but easier to spell. ;)

rosestar14 said...

love the song! ha ha jacob fan...wat i like jacob....
o well.
the drawing is kl 2.
as live on
-black rose

Anonymous said...

cool, I hope you guys have a great time and a wonderful fourth of july!!!!!!!


New York's Bella said...

This is the perfect Edward song. You guys rock at picking songs for them. I hope to hear more!
New York's Bella

Anonymous said...

great pic and nice song

CJ 512 said...

OMG this is the PERFECT song for Edward! Don't worry, FeatherWriter, i like the other idea you had. I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt would be an awesome song for Edward! LOL
Peace and Hufflemuffins