Friday, December 12, 2008

Cullen/Flock Conversation #18

Viola! Je fais une convo tres bien!
Aaahh! If you speak in French one more time...
Silence! I kill you!
JacobFan: I'm fairly sure that speaking in Achmed-ish won't save you Feather.

Thursday, December 11- 10:00 PM

*from another room* And I'm going to need that and this and some of those...
Fang, do you know what Nudge is doing?
I have no idea. She's been packing stuff for hours.
Well, she's going to the movies later tonight, that's all I see.
With some high expectations...
What does that mean, Edward.
Do we want to know?
Someone's going to have to tell her sometime...
Will you quit being vauge, and TELL ME WHAT IS UP WITH NUDGE??!!
Wait... Edward is she...?
That's not good...
I am about three seconds away from killing both of you...
Max, do you remember what was supposed to happen tomorrow?
Ummm, the day and month match?
Something to do with us...
Oh. Crap.
You don't mean...
*comes out of the other room with a bag* Alright guys, I'm ready to go!
Go to what?
Um, Jacob...
Oh, ha ha. Very funny.
Seriously, what?
How could you forget? *sighs*
WHAT?! Could you not scream in my ear?\
Then listen dangit!
AHAHAHAHAHA! Really!? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!
Then you tell her. Try to make it humorous, okay?
Wait a sec, are you all talking about me?
Nudge, we have some bad news...
Alright. I can take it after all, I've got the premeire to cheer me up.
Actually, it's about the premeire.
What premeire?
Are all of you stupid? The Twilight Premeire!
Um, Nudge... the premeire was three weeks ago.
What? ...Oh, I get it. It's a joke.
Wait? YOU'RE SERIOUS!!!???!!!
Yeah. The release got rescheduled. It was November 21.
Um. Kinda.
Hmm. I thought you were there. Lets see, I was next to Gazzy and Fang, who was next to Jasper and Emmett; Max, Alice, and Angel were in front of us. Rosalie was being depressing somewhere behind us-
I heard that!
Edward and Bella were at the very back so they wouldn't be seen. And Jacob was sitting in their row too, staring daggers at them the whole time. Huh. No Nudge.
Huh. No Nudge?! How could you leave me???
Welllllllllllll, it was pretty dark in that theater...
*glares* I've been drinking RedBulls for the past nine hours, for nothing?!
*smacks* What Fang is trying to say is: How did you sneak nine hour's worth of RedBulls past us?
Probably the same way as you when you took the last of Ella's cookies from the cookie jar.
I knew it!
Faaaaaannngggg... You are in dangerous waters now...
Whatever your royal Maxness.
Don't you mean "Faxness"?
Way to go, now she's mad at both of you.
Can we get back to the real issue here? ME?
What I want to know is how you went all this time without knowing.
Well Fang, Max, and Iggy go to high school with all of you, and Angel and Gazzy are still in elementary school. And thanks to someone, no one in Forks has ever seen a copy of Twilight, so they wouldn't know about the movie.
It wasn't my idea to intercept all the copies!
Yeah, I wonder who that was...
Hey, sorry I value the safety of my family! I don't even know why you're allowed to stay with us...
Calm down Rosalie.
Yeah, blonde. Take a chill pill.
I'm sooo going to kill you someday.
I'm sorry Nudge. We can go tomorrow?
Fine. But you will all be making it up to me later! I expect major Christmas presents!!


Robert Varulfur said...

Poor nudge.

Rae Of Shadows said...

Blond jokes! <3

Good job, guys. ^.^

CJ 512 said...

lolz poor nudge... although, she took it a lot better than i would've... i don't know what i would've done if i had missed Twilight... ooooohhhhhh, Twiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiight...... *fangirl reminisces*

Star Girl said...

great job feather!!!!!!!
ily :)

Anonymous said...

I loved that!! I think that I would have reacted the same way if I missed the Twilight movie.


Savannah Nelson (i wish, lol) said...

omygod! ilove it. ur funny. i love twilight....

SNo BuNNii 09 said...

how come in convo 17 Nudge went to the premiere but in 18, she's unaware about the date change?????????

Anonymous said...

i love it!! but it's been forever since you've updated!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!PLEEEEEEEESE! PLEEEEESE!! *puppy eyes*

*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...

ah! im sad! is been like, forever and a day since you guys have updated!