Friday, March 21, 2008

Cullen/Flock Conversation #2

This is the second one. This one wasn’t done on paper, it was done through MySpace, so it took longer. It might be funny. It might not.

Here we go:
Edwina, sup?
Stop calling me that!
I could soooo go off on you now, but Max put me in emo class and they’re watching what I say.
Haha. Bird boy needs therapy!
You’re soooo lucky they are keeping track of what I say and do.
*pushes Edward out of the way* So Fang, do your emo friends know about your “things”?
you mean my wings??? no. and they aren't my friends... they are a bunch of freaks. They are just people that go to the same thingy that Max is forcing me to go to even though I’m NOT a gay depressed person who cuts myself!
I know Fang. You’re not gay. Just emo
You know I only did it cuz Ig said he'd give me cookies if I enrolled you.
Nice one! *high fives*
I'll give you double his amount for unenrolling me. Oh and by the way, why aren’t you in a cookie trance.
Oh, some eraser gave me a cookie vaccine when we were at the school last time.
Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh oookkkaayyyyy? You're a freak.

On a stick haha.
*smacks Fang* You aren't mad that she took something from AN ERASER????
She can handle it.
hold on, Ig. *goes up to Max*
WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!? You could have died!and that would have sucked.
Aww bird kid love
*Max and Fang punch him*
Edward! Are you okay?!
*is fine* Like they could hurt me. They're just human. (even though that did hurt. They're stronger than I thought)
It hurts dude, trust me. Sooooooooo lets change the subject. Let’s talk about how hot I am. :DD
*smacks him* you can only talk that way when you give me cookies.
Speaking of that, he's got some in his pocket right now.
and I’ll hold him down so you can get them.
I HAVE WHAT, WHERE?!?aw crap.
AAAAAHHHHH. Get off me! no wait... you don't have to. ;)
*takes cookies* Thank you very much.
*kisses Alice*
HEY GET OFF MY SISTER YOU GAY EMO FREAK! She doesn’t like girls anyway, sorry.
Yeah Fang, don't be a gay-emo-cutter-muffin.
I AM NOT A MUFFIN!!!!!!!!!
Fine then, you’re a gay-emo-cutter-cookie.
What's a gay-emo-cutter-muffin/cookie??
You honestly don't want to know.
Yes I do. *reads mind*
*thinking*: if you are reading my thoughts I am sooooo going to punch you
But how did you...
Wow, I walked right into that one.
Hahaha… you’re an idiot
*max and alice burst through the ceiling*
That was sooooo cool.
Where'd ya go this time?
I showed Max how fun it is to run fast…
…and I showed Alice how fun it is to fly fast.
we can't decide who's faster...
oh well that’s great. I was just about to beat the (insert cussword of your choice here) out of your brother
Like you were going to hurt me. I could beat you with one hand tied behind my back.
Yeah whatever
Wanna see??
I wish I could
Yeah, cuz you're sooooo disabled!
*sarcastically* oh you wouldn’t know.Everyday I have to wake up without seeing the sun...with out seeing the rainbows after storms…it hurts me deeply inside. *fake sobs*
*slaps him on the back of the head* pansy.
You know when you're in Antarctica... (Censored because it spoils the entire fifth book)
Wow Alice, that’s... interesting.
Maaaaaxxxxxx. Fang is thinking the not good words again! And this really pale guy is thinking that I can't read minds but he can tell I can because he's reading my mind while I'm reading his.
I think some of that nonsense was about me, but I'm not sure. Every time I try to read her mind, I just get my own thoughts thrown back at me.
THAT’S BECAUSE I CAN READ MINDS!*sings*…and I am faster than yooouuu!
*pounces on Angel*
*smiles well, angelically* You will get off me now.
*gets off* What the...
Yeah let’s see YOU do that, vampire-person-thingy!
HAHAHA *hugs Angel and kisses her on the cheek* nice one, cutie!
hehe thanks.
Eww. Fang, I didn't know you had a crush on that thing, I thought you loved Max...hmm.
*turns beet red* SHUT UP, I DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
Red clashes with black you know...
I am not a thing!!
*crashes through the ceiling* Hello dipsticks.
Yo, werewolf! You just crossed the line. Prepare to die. (and why are you only half changed??)
Werewolf?? That's an Eraser.
I don't care what kind of sucky job he has fixing other people's mistakes, he crossed the line!
Calm down, it's just Ari, he can't hurt anyone.
hey! I'll kill you! Now, I think I'll start with you. *points to Edward* The one who's allergic to sunlight.
You talking to me, werewolf?
I'M AN ERASER! Who believes in werewolves anyway?
*smiles* The same people who believe in vampires...
Edward is stronger than ME; he could definitely take YOU out, Ari!
Oh yeah, wel- AHHHHHHHHHHH... *is flung back by Alice*
I hope that werewolf wasn't your friend. Cuz he was getting on my nerves.
But...I...And... Yeah, that's okay with me.
So how’s about we blow this popsicle stand, Eddy? Talk Talk about stuff?
*turns red* uhhhhh...
Did Edward just blush?? I didn't even know that this was possible.
I am soooo going to pull those oversized hummingbird wings off your back.
Oh yeah, we were talking about...Hamburgers? Yeah Hamburgers.
Cuz food is a topic Edward would be interested in. Right.
Dude, you are going to let some chick tell you what to do?
You don't see Max telling ME what to do, do you?
Fang, get your butt over here!
When I feel like it!
You had better start feeling like it right now!
Yes Max.
Sure she doesn't...
Max and Fang: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT??!!!NUDGE!!!!!
*starts to run after her, but is caught by Edward*
Just because you're an embarrassed little weenie, doesn't mean that you need to kill the one who doesn't know how to shut up.
Well if he doesn't, I WILL!
Aww crap.
*meanwhile, Fang and Edward sneak out*
One hour later:
So Nudge, *peels Nudge off the wall* where do you think Fang went?
All I have to say is, OOOOWWWW!
Yeah, I haven't seen Edward in a while either... All I can see is that he's planning on coming home.
Max and Alice: No.

Whew! It’s great to get away from that PMS!
I know. The only girl I can stand to be around for any length of time is Bella, and she just left for the weekend. TWO DAYS OF NOTHING BUT ALICE AND ROSALIE WILL KILL ME!!!
*blushes a bit* but she isn't THAT bad...
Ooooohhh. I'm gonna tell Bella you're cheating on her. And Max is gonna flip!
Like you could get away from me.
Oh yeah? Well... *starts running, but Edward gets in front of him* stupid vampire... *Starts running in a different direction, but Edward gets in front of him again*
You know I could do this all day. Actually I could do this for all of eternity.
Yes you do. Now are you going to be a good captive, or am I going to have to hurt you?
Oh, I won't be here much longer.
There isn't anywhere you can go that I can't.
*unfurls wings and smiles* See you at home


Yes I know it was stupider than the last one. But I hope you enjoyed it. Lol.


Loves2Read104319 said...

Hi I LOVE Ari, he is the greatest evil person in the world, i not sure why I love him so much but I do GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, GO ARI, I LOVE ARI

Star Girl said...

oh jeez.

Ari? Why Ar- never mind, i don't want to know.


Robert Varulfur said...

I LOVE that picture of Max and Fang!