Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 New ones for ya

These are short ones that we did on Monday. I posted these during English. Yay laptops and weak school filters! Enjoy : )

Hey! Alice, did you get the stuff?
What stuff?
Cook- nothing...
Um... cook-ing utensils? Yeah, Alice brought me a whisk.
What's a whisk?
A whisk is a light stirring utensil used for stirring.
Why would Max need anything that involved cooking? She couldn't cook to save my life, let alone hers.
Um, I'm Max II?
No, you're not. You just want the cookies Alice brought you.
Alice, why are you torturing me?
Why does Max love cookies more than you?
AHH! When did you get here?
I'm everywhere.
Actually he's been reading your diary.
Shh, mindreaders don't tell each other's secrets.
YOU DID WHAT?! I mean, I don't have a diary, what are you talking about?
Yes you do, I've seen it.
Yeah, and I've read it. Ha!
Angel, I am going to kill you!
(You threaten with death a lot.)
No you aren't.
Crap, I hate it when you do that.
Oh really? Because I think it's hilarious.
Shut up, Figgy. *thinking*: Angel, stop reading my thoughts, and I'll buy Celeste an new dress.
Ah, mind bribery. Why are you buying her a dress??
I, er, um, CRAP!!

I know, not very funny. Here's the next one:

*Edward and Max walk in on Fang making out with Lissa*
What are you doing?!
Uh...making out with a hot girl?
Lissa: I'm not a girl?? Jerk! *storms out*
Having girl trouble?
He's about to be in trouble with this girl!
Lissa, wait!
Lissa: Why should I?
I said "hot girl'', not "not girl".
Lissa: Sure. I'm outta here. But after I do this. *kisses Edward* You're cute! Bye! *leaves*
Eeew. That was gross! She is so not a good kisser. Yuck!
How could this day get any worse?
*taps foot* Give me one good reason why I shouldn't pound you right now.
Um... I'll give you cookies?
That's not gonna work this time. *drags Fang by ears*
Ooo, busted!
Haha! Even more girl trouble!! This is too good.
OwowowowowoSHUT UP!owowowowowowowowow
Max and Fang flying ove-
THAT'S MY JOKE! *drags Iggy by his ears*
Well, we know who really leads the Flock.
Edward! What's this I hear about you kissing some red haired b****? *tries to drag Edward. It doesn't work*
Did Bella just cuss? Wow, she is mad.
I'm too strong for that. And she kissed me!
That's what they all say. I'll help you Bella. *they both drag Edward by his ears*
owowowowowowowowHAHA!owow. It's funnier when it happens to him. owowow
owowowShut up!owowAlice is strong!owowow
Darn right!

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Star Girl said...

yeah...hun, you got a few typos and you forgot a few words...

just sayin!

Star Girl said...

OH and why not make them 2 different posts!

abbface said...

Those were good!

FeatherWriter said...

They were short, and I didn't have that much time in English. So I combined them.

Anonymous said...

hey feather that one rocked!